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Most cells require the use of serum to survive or proliferate optimally for extended periods of time in the majority of cell culture basal media.  ITS mixture is formulated and used as a supplement to reduce the amount of serum required in a cell culture system.  ITS mixture provides the required nutrients (insulin, transferrin, selenite) to allow for reduced quantity of serum and more defined components which can reduce variability and provide a more optimal environment for cells.

The ITS product is lyophilized for enhanced and prolonged stability and long shelf life.  Cell culture and degassed water is provided for solubilization of the lyophilized ITS powder to reduce component variability.  The water is processed to extract dissolved oxygen to minimize the effects of O2 free radicals that may affect the efficacy of the ITS mixture upon solubilization.  This product is formulated with chemically-defined, non-animal, zeno-free components for reduced variability in cell culture systems. Each vial of ITS mixture contains optimized quantities of each component when solubilized with 5 ml yielding a 100X concentration.  The kit comes with 3 vials of lyophilized ITS, yielding 15 mL upon solubilization. 


Parameter, Testing, and Method ITS (100X) #5309-15ML
Sterilization Method Filtration
Form Lyophilized Powder
Package Size Kit containing 3 vials of ITS and 1 vial of cell culture water
Sterility - USP Modified No Growth
Storage Temperature -20°C
Component Concentrations

Insulin 1.0 mg/ml

Transferrin (Fe++ free) 0.5 mg/ml

Selenite 0.67 ug/ml

Cell Culture Tested


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Product Disclaimer

This product is for R&D use only and is not intended for human or other uses. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.