Product Description

Advanced BioMatrix offers PhotoPluronic® - Pluronic F-127 diacrylate. PhotoPluronic® is water soluble and can be photocrosslinked in the presence of a photoinitiator (not included) to form a robust hydrogel. PhotoPluronic® is also unique in that it can transition from liquid to gel by incubating at 37C, or from gel to liquid by refrigeration at 2-8C. This process can be repeated multiple times (prior to photocrosslinking). The kit comes with 2 grams of non-sterile powder. 


Item Catalog Number Photoinitiator Included
PhotoPluronic #5342-2GM N/A


Parameter, Testing, and Method PhotoPluronic #5342
Sterilization Method Non-sterile
Form Powder
Package Size 2 grams
Storage Temperature 2-8C
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Shelf Life After Reconstitution 1 Month
Purity by NMR >95%
Molecular Weight ~12,600
Solubility Water soluble

Directions for Use

  1. Solubilize PhotoPluronic® by adding cold water or 1X PBS. Recommended concentrations range from 5-40%.
  2. Continue mixing (shaker table or rotator plate) in a cold environment (2-10C) until fully solubilized.
  3. Add desired photoinitiator at this step if desired. Recommended photoinitiator concentrations can be found below.
  4. Sterile filter through 0.45 micron button filter prior to use if sterility is desired. Keep Pluronic cold, as it will drastically increase viscosity or form a gel as it warms up.
  5. If there are bubbles, centrifuge the pluronic. 
  6. At this stage, the PhotoPluronic® can be added to a syringe for 3D bioprinting, or used for the desired application. 
  7. Note:  Longer exposure allows more crosslinking, though each cell type withstands different degrees of UV light and free radical exposure (generated by the photoinitiator) that mediates crosslinking.
Photoinitiator Photoinitiator Solubilization  Amount to add to PhotoPluronic Solution
Irgacure 100 mg/ml in Methanol Multiply total volume of PhotoPluronic by 0.01. Add this amount of Irgacure solution. 
LAP 17 mg/ml in 1X PBS or Media Multiply total volume of PhotoPluronic by 0.02. Add this amount of LAP solution.


Sodium Persulfate

Ruthenium - 37.4 mg/ml in 1X PBS or Media

Sodium Persulfate - 119 mg/ml in 1X PBS or Media

Multiply total volume of PhotoPluronic by 0.02. Add this amount of both Ruthenium AND Sodium Persulfate solutions.

Product Certificate of Analysis

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Safety and Documentation


Product Disclaimer

This product is for R&D use only and is not intended for human or other uses. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.