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Unique Application for Adhesion Peptides

Collagen is used for enhanced cell attachment across a wide variety of platforms, including on glass coverslips. With standard collagen coatings, the coating and cells may detach from the glass surface during long-term culture. To improve attachment of the collagen to the glass, first coat the cover slip with Poly-L-Lysine #5048 or Poly-L-Ornithine #5058 as described below.


1. Prepare Poly-L-Lysine (#5048) or Poly-L-Ornithine (#5058) at 0.1-1 mg/ml.
2. Dispense sufficient solution to the surface of glass cover slip to completely coat with liquid. 
3. Incubate 2 to 24 hours at room temperature.
4. Aspirate remaining solution and wash cover slips 3 times with sterile water.
5. Pool collagen solution at 100 μg/ml over surface of cover slip (collagen should be at ~pH 2-3 at a concentration of ~50-100 ug/mL).
6. Incubate 4 to16 hours and then aspirate remaining solution.
7. Rinse once with media and seed with cells.

 Recommended collagen products for coating glass coverslips include PureCol® Type I Bovine Collagen #5005, VitroCol® Type I Human Collagen #5007, or Type IV Collagen #5022.


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