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Overview of Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplate

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High throughput screening applications – Confocal imaging – Bio-chemical endpoints

The ultimate spheroid screening plate unifies robust liquid and spheroid handling with automated high-throughput screening applications. The flat bottom and black walls of the InSphero 384 well plate facilitate confocal imaging, while the special well design allows medium exchange, dosing, and endpoint determination in the same plate saving time and resources.

  • Unique SureXchange™ ledge engineered to prevent unintended spheroid/organoid aspiration
  • Spheroid/organoid morphology and functionality are preserved in long-term culture
  • High-content imaging quality with a continuous, flat-bottom, 125 μm Polystyrene membrane, and a black-walled body

Features of Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplate

10-pack of individually wrapped Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplates with black-walled polystyrene body bonded to transparent, continuous, 125 µm membrane, ultra-low-attachment coated, sterile, includes lid.  


  • The unique well design of the SureXchange™ ledge protects the spheroid by leaving a minimal amount of residual volume (2-3 μl)
  • ANSI/SLAS standard format for full compatibility with automated liquid handling and high-content imaging systems
  • A two-component plate consisting of a black polystyrene body and a 125 μm transparent bottom membrane


  • >90% medium removal without spheroid loss using manual and automated pipetting
  • Ultra-low attachment surface with a stable cell-repellent coating
  • Biologically inert, and non-degradable surface compatible with cell culture and in-plate post-culture processing steps such as cell lysis and fixation procedures


  • Continuous flat bottom with excellent planarity for imaging applications with immersion objectives, minimal optical aberration, and constant spheroid z-position
  • The black-walled body eliminates fluorescent crosstalk between wells
  • Defined 1-mm quick-reference region of interest for increased imaging speed

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This product is for R&D use only and is not intended for human or other uses. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.