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Overview of Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate

Automation compatible – Secure handling – Easy observation

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The Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate is designed for lossless spheroid/organoid formation and handling as well as reliable culturing and analysis.

  • Unique SureXchange™ ledge engineered to prevent unintended spheroid/organoid aspiration
  • Spheroid/organoid morphology and functionality are preserved in long-term culture by unique ULA coating
  • Enhanced imaging speed and resolution through flat bottom well
  • Improved spheroid/organoid formation with the Akura™ Tilting Stand by keeping the plate at 30 degrees during cell aggregation

Features of Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate

The package includes individually wrapped Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplates, made of Cyclo olefin polymer, high-efficiency ULA coating, sterile, and includes a lid.


  • A Conical well design with SureXchange™ ledge protecting the spheroid/organoid from aspiration while leaving a minimal residual volume (5-7 µl).
  • ANSI/SLAS standard format for full compatibility with automated liquid handling systems
  • A leak-free and glue-free transparent polystyrene plate


  • >90% medium removal without spheroid loss using manual and automated pipetting
  • Ultra-low attachment surface with a stable cell-repellent coating
  • Biologically inert, and non-degradable surface compatible with cell culture and in-plate post-culture processing steps such as cell lysis and fixation procedures


  • The flat bottom well minimizes optical aberration and ensures constant spheroid z-position
  • Defined 1-mm quick-reference region of interest for increased imaging speed

Product Cell Assay

3D Aggregation of Tumor Spheroids


Product Certificate of Analysis

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Product Disclaimer

This product is for R&D use only and is not intended for human or other uses. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.