Collagen Hybridizing Peptides

Collagen Hybridizing Peptides


New Product! Collagen Hybridizing Peptides!

Our new collagen hybridizing peptides enable the direct detection of denatured collagen. The Collagen Hybridizing Peptide (CHP) is a synthetic peptide that bind specifically to denatured collagen strands through hydrogen bonding, both in histology, in vivo, and in vitro (3D cell culture).

The CHP has various conjugates that allow for fluorescent imaging of the CHP to identify your denatured collagen! By sharing the structural motif and the Gly-X-Y repeating sequence of natural collagen, CHP has a strong capability to hybridize with denatured collagen strands and has negligible affinity to intact collagen molecules due to the lack of binding sites.

CHP's are great for detection of unfolded collagen molecules in virtually any tissue that has been subject to mechanical damage or enzymatic remodeling. If you are doing decellularized tissue work - this product is definitely for you. CHP's will help you ensure that the detergents or enzymes used in the decell process did not denature the collagen in your tissue.

There are countless other applications for CHP's. Check out one of our CHP products by clicking the link below!

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