ECM Select Array Kit

ECM Select Array Kit

Because it is contact printing, it is hard to determine the the precise amount. Based on protein staining result, each spot is about 0.1-1ng.

There may be possibility of antagonist effect of two different component. We have not seen this very often, what we usually see is one of the component by itself does not provide adhesion effect, but when combine with another ECM, greatly enhance the other ECM.

The stiffness is ~10 kPa.

Mounting media tends to destroy the polyacrylamide hydrogel that the ECM spots are printed onto.

There are two options:

Option 1: Incubate the entire slide  for 20 minutes with 4% PFA prior to the stain protocol. The slide was cover-slipped with a 90% glycerol medium containing the PPD anti-fade compound and sealed with fingernail polish around the edges.

Option 2: Fluoromount Aqueous Mounting Media (Sigma F4680-25ML) has worked for some customers in their labs but we have not tested this in-house.

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