Fibroblasts in Lifeink 200

Fibroblasts in Lifeink 200


Lifeink 200 is a 35 mg/ml type I collagen bioink that contains no additional additives or fillers. Lifeink 200 was seeded with 10 million human neonatal fibroblasts per mL of bioink, and then extruded into cell culture media to perform a live/dead cell study. 

Extruded filaments measure at 160 um in diameter, consistent with the inner diameter of the 30 guage needle that was used for extrusion. The top image shows a day 1 live/dead. Fibroblast cells have already begun to elongate and demonstrate typical fibroblast morphology.

The bottom image shows day 5. The fibroblast cells continue to demonstrate elongated morphology, and cell proliferation. 

Because Lifeink 200 is pure collagen, these results are expected. Collagen has been consistently shown to be an ideal, native environment for fibroblast cells.

Day 1

Day 5

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