HyStem Hydrogel Stiffness

HyStem Hydrogel Stiffness


In this white paper, we measure the hydrogel stiffness of our three main HyStem kits, including HyStem, HyStem-C and HyStem-HP. 

Mechanical stiffness is a critical parameter to consider when designing a cell culture system. In the context of 3D cell culture, matrix stiffness can impact a wide variety of pathways including stem cell differentiation, cancer metastasis, and cardiac tissue function.

HyStem kits are thiolated hyaluronic acid that can form 3D hydrogels at room temperature via chemical crosslinking after the kit components have been mixed together. Advanced BioMatrix also offers PhotoHA methacrylated hyaluronic acid kits which form 3D hydrogels using photocrosslinking.

Data was collected using an Elastosens rhometer from Rheolutions www.rheolution.com


The above graph shows the tunability of HyStem hydrogels, by altering the concentration that extralink is dissolved (keeping all other mixing ratios the same).

You can view our entire portfolio of hyaluronic acid products by hovering over the "hyaluronic acid" tab in the header, or by visiting our product catalog. 

To see the comprehensive analysis of HyStem hydrogel stiffness, download the full white paper here.

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