Lifeink 240

Lifeink 240


Lifeink® 240 is an acidic Type I collagen bioink at a concentration of 35 mg/ml for extrusion-based 3D bioprinting.

The product is a highly concentrated acidified collagen solution intended to be extrusion printed employing FRESH bioprinting (see LifeSupport® Catalog No. 5244-8GM).

Lifeink® 240 produces printed structures with a high print resolution and good mechanical strength. The product is formulated in an acidic saline buffer solution.

Once the collagen is printed into LifeSupport®, the pH and salts concentration of the printed structure become physiological. Cells can then be seeded onto the printed structure allowing for cell adherence and cellular remodeling of the 3D bioprinted structure.

Visit the Lifeink® 240 product page to see some of the amazing constructs printed with this bioink!

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