Recombinant Laminin

Recombinant Laminin


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iMatrix Laminin-511, Laminin-411 and Laminin-221 are immediately available to order.

Carlsbad, CA, August 2021 – Advanced BioMatrix is adding to their extensive catalog of extracellular matrix proteins by providing iMatrix recombinant Laminin-511, Laminin-411 and Laminin 221. Laminin is widely used for the passaging, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells.

With this new addition, Advanced BioMatrix now offers a broader product line of proteins, including collagen I, II, III, and IV, vitronectin, fibronectin, tropoelastin, and laminin.

The iMatrix recombinant Laminin is unique in that no pre-coating steps are necessary. This feature aligns with the Advanced BioMatrix mission to provide easy-to-use reagents for cell culture. The Laminin can be used by itself or combined with other proteins to make an even more physiologically relevant environment for cell culture and tissue engineering.

“The addition of Laminin to the Advanced BioMatrix portfolio furthers our goal to provide researchers with key extracellular matrix proteins for cell culture and tissue engineering. We are looking forward to the long-term collaboration between Advanced BioMatrix and Matrixome, distributing the iMatrix Laminin products.” David Bagley, CEO


Revolutionize your cell culture and grow cells on a familiar surface.

Visit the iMatrix Laminin-511, Laminin-411, and Laminin-221 pages.


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