Breast Cancer Tissue Model with Glycosil

Breast Cancer Tissue Model with Glycosil


Publication Title:

Bioprinting and Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stromal Cell Spheroids for a 3D Breast Cancer-Adipose Tissue Model


Advanced BioMatrix Products Used: 

Glycosil® Thiolated Hyaluronic Acid

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How the products were used:

Glycosil® thiolated hyaluronic acid was used to create a novel bioink for printing adipose derived stromal cell spheroids, helping to create novel breast cancer tissue models. 


Article Conclusion:

After nine days of co-culture, we observed a cancer cell-induced reduction of the lipid content and a remodeling of the ECM within the adipose tissues, with increased fibronectin, collagen I and collagen VI
expression.Together, our data demonstrate that 3D-printed breast cancer-adipose tissue models can recapitulate important aspects of the complex cell–cell and cell–matrix interplay within the tumor-stroma microenvironment.


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