PhotoGel-95% Crosslinking Study

PhotoGel-95% Crosslinking Study


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The following experiment was conducted to determine the viscoelastic behavior of PhotoGel®-95% degree of methacrylation (our methacrylated gelatin) during photocrosslinking at gelatin concentrations of 20%, 10% and 5%, all other parameters remaining equal. 

The second preliminary study evaluates the effect of gelatin temperature during photocrosslinking (20C vs 37C).

The viscoelastic graphs of PhotoGel® can be seen in Figure 1. Changes in concentration can lead to significant changes in hydrogel stiffness. 

For testing parameters, photoinitiator information, equipment used, concentrations, etc... you can Download the full white paper here.

The graph below demonstrates the effects temperature has on hydrogel strength. Lower temperatures (20C) led to significantly stronger gels than higher temperatures (37C).

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