Mechanotransduction and Breast Cancer

Mechanotransduction and Breast Cancer


Publication Title:

Deciphering the Mechanotransduction Symphony: Stiffness-Dependent Interplay of YAP and B-Catenin in Breast Cancer Metastasis


Advanced BioMatrix Products Used: 

CytoSoft® PDMS Soft Substrate Plates

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How the products were used:

CytoSoft® Plates (soft substrate 6-well plates with a thin layer of PDMS of a specific stiffness, including 0.2, 0.5, 2, 8, 16, 32 and 64 kPa) were used to evaluate the affect of matrix stiffness on the nuclear translocation of YAP and B-Catenin in MDA-MB-231 cells exposed to stiff and soft substrates. 


Article Conclusions:

"Our investigation revealed the significant impact of myosin-II and cell confluency on the interplay between YAP and β-catenin. Thus, we elucidated a paradigm in which β-catenin assumes a compensatory role in response to YAP knockdown, particularly under distinct mechanical conditions. The interplay is finely tuned to the mechanical microenvironment, highlighting the mechanosensitivity of this compensatory mechanism."


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