Microgravity Studies with Collagen Hydrogels

Microgravity Studies with Collagen Hydrogels


Publication Title:

Engineered Whole Cut Meat-like TIssue by the Assembly of Cell Fibers Using Tendon-Gel Integrated Bioprinting


Advanced BioMatrix Products Used: 

Rat Tail Type I Collagen

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How the products were used:

Rat Tail Type I Collagen was used to make 3D hydrogels and culture fibroblasts cells. Using a microgravity simulator, researchers discovered that fibroblast differentiation and matrix production and remodeling (critical for wound healing) are impaired under low gravity conditions. 



Article Conclusion:

The results demonstrated that sμG has less effect on fibroblast transcriptomes, while sμG triggers changes in the transcriptome of myofibroblasts. Several genes and biological pathways found through transcriptome analysis have previously been reported to impair fibroblast differentiation. Overall, our data indicated that fibroblast differentiation, as well as matrix production and remodeling, are impaired in 3D culture under sμG conditions.


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