New Product!


Our new methacrylated Dextran is 1 gram of sterile, lyophilized methacrylated dextran. PhotoDextran® provides 3D hydrogels that can be prepared at multiple concentrations and photocrosslinked (requires a photoinitiator) to provide various gel stiffness.

PhotoDextran® can be mixed with other photocrosslinkable ECM's prior to crosslinking. 

Dextran is a complex branched glucan, often used as an antithrombotic agent, a blood viscosity reducer, and as a volume expander in hypovolaemia. 

Our Methacrylated Dextran is highly soluble, with recommended working concentrations ranging from 5-20%.

PhotoDextran® can be photocrosslinked to form a 3D hydrogel. The following graph shows the shear modulus G' (Pa) of PhotoDextran® at a 5% solution. The solution was prepared following the directions for use. Irgacure was used as the photoinitiator, and photocrosslinking was performed using 365nm light. The graph shows the hydrogel strength over time throughout continuous photocrosslinking of the solution. 



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