PureCol EZ Gel for Transplantable Neural Networks

PureCol EZ Gel for Transplantable Neural Networks


Publication Title:

Transplantable Human Motor Networks as a Neuron-Directed Strategy for Spinal Cord Injury


Advanced BioMatrix Products Used: 

PureCol® EZ Gel Type I Collagen, Atelocollagen, 3 mg/ml

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How the products were used:

PureCol® EZ Gel Type I Collagen was combined with alginate and regionally-matched neurons to form neural ribbons. These ribbons were able to generate electrically-active, synaptically connected networks. PureCol® EZ Gel in a pre-neutralized, isotonic collagen solution, making it perfect for quick addition to cell-based mixtures.



Article Conclusion:

"The in vivo analyses demonstrate viability and retention of interconnected synaptic networks that readily integrate with the host parenchyma to advance goals of transplantable neural circuitry. 


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