PureCol for 3D Printing Meat

PureCol for 3D Printing Meat


Publication Title:

Engineered Whole Cut Meat-like TIssue by the Assembly of Cell Fibers Using Tendon-Gel Integrated Bioprinting


Advanced BioMatrix Products Used: 

PureCol® Type I Collagen, Atelocollagen, 3 mg/ml

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How the products were used:

PureCol® type I collagen was used to 3D bioprint steak-like tissue, including muscle, fat and vessels. Tendon-gel integrated bioprinting technique was developed to construct tendon-like gels. 



Article Conclusion:

"We demonstrate in vitro construction of engineered steak-like tissue assembled of three types of bovine cell fibers (muscle, fat, and vessel). Because actual meat is an aligned assembly of the fibers connected to the tendon for the actions of contraction and relaxation, tendon-gel integrated bioprinting was developed to construct tendon-like gels. In this study, a total of 72 fibers comprising 42 muscles, 28 adipose tissues, and 2 blood capillaries were constructed by tendon-gel integrated bioprinting and manually assembled to fabricate steak-like meat with a diameter of 5mm and a length of 10mm inspired by a meat cut. The developed tendon-gel integrated bioprinting here could be a promising technology for the fabrication of the desired types of steak-like cultured meats."


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