Product Description

Advanced Biomatrix offers PhotoChitosan®, a purified and lyophilized methacrylated chitosan powder for photocrosslinkable hydrogels. PhotoChitosan® is a highly versatile solution designed for researchers and scientists seeking advanced materials for tissue engineering, drug delivery, and regenerative medicine applications. PhotoChitosan® provides 3D tunable gels with the unique attributes to be prepared at various concentrations and crosslinked to provide various gel stiffnesses.

PhotoChitosan® is offered in convenient kits that include a selected photoinitiator, provided separately as a powder. This allows for customization and precise control over the crosslinking process.


Catalog Number

Photoinitiator Included




PhotoChitosan with LAP


LAP (405nm)

PhotoChitosan with Ruthenium


Ruthenium (400-450nm)

PhotoChitosan with Irgacure


Irgacure (365nm)


PhotoChitosan® is produced from deacetylated chitosan where the chitosan is then modified by reacting the hydroxyl groups of chitosan with the methacrylate functional groups, forming a strong covalent bond.

Parameter, Testing, and Methods


Sterilization Method


Degree of Methacrylation



Lyophilized powder

Package Size


Storage Temperature


Shelf Life

Minimum 6 months from date of receipt

Purity – SDS Page



6.0 (when reconstituted in 1X PBS)

Osmolality (mOsmo H2O/kg)

< 20

Molecular Weight, Mw (kDa)



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Directions for Use

PhotoChitosan with LAP Directions for Use

PhotoChitosan with Irgacure Directions for Use

PhotoChitosan with Ruthenium Directions for Use

NOTE: For LAP photoinitiator, the basic recommendations will result in a ~0.03% final LAP concentration. For some applications, such as DLP printing, the final LAP concentration should be increased to ~0.25-0.5% to accelerate and improve crosslinking. 

Product Certificate of Analysis

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Safety and Documentation

Safety Data Sheet PhotoChitosan

Product Disclaimer

This product is for R&D use only and is not intended for human or other uses. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.